We are a group of students, headed by prof. Emanuele Panizzi (Computer Science department, Sapienza), and we design, write and publish mobile apps and services. “SapienzaApps” is the brand under which these apps are grouped and published.

Many of us are doing a Bachelor’s internship or Master’s degree thesis (for Computer Science programs) on some of these projects, others are involved just for fun. We focus on usability and HCI, Human Computer Interactions.

Our group is not restricted to CS students: if you want to participate in some aspect of our apps (design/develop, or even non-computer things like translations or testing new versions), write us!

We’ve developed more than 50 apps in our history, starting from 2010. Notable apps are the official Infostud app for iOS, “MAn Roma” for G. Sergi anthropology museum (Sapienza university), “SeismoCloud” as earthquake early-warning-system, “RMob” for public transportation in Rome, “iMontessori” for didactic purpose, “Basket Recorder” for basket match management, “DiarioAlimentare” for dietetics, etc.

Want to reach us? Use the Contact page!