We publish also our apps in our F-Droid repository! You can use the F-Droid app to browse it and keep our apps updated even without the Google Play Store :-)

You don’t have F-Droid yet? You can download it from the official website!

How to add SapienzaApps to F-Droid

To be able to use our repository, you need to open F-Droid, then:

  1. Go to “Settings” tab
  2. Tap over “Repositories”
  3. Add a new repository with the “+” button (top-right of the view)
  4. Tap on “Add”, then go back on the main view

Now you can install our apps by searching it from the “Latest” or “Categories” tab! Also, F-Droid will inform you when an update is available on the “Updates” tab, or with a notification (based on the notification settings).